Scotland Prep

This blog has mainly been inactive since my last major excursion off the North American continent two (three?) years ago when I studied abroad in England my junior year of college and went on a subsequent four-week trip around Europe.

However, as I will be returning to the UK for a year in September – this time graduate school in Scotland  (WOO HOO) – I thought it would be fitting if to start writing again as a way to keep track of my thoughts and keep people up to date. Feel free to opt out at anytime from my ramblings, I wish I could at some times.

As I logged back in to the WordPress Dashboard, I found unpublished and unfinished articles from the past. Venice, you see, was not the last stop on our galavant around Europe. KSue and I also visited Florence, Rome, Istanbul, Greece (Athens and Naxos), and Amsterdam. There are some draft articles for these cities and I will publish what I have, but I will not write new pieces. As these trips were so long ago, I do not want write based solely on  memory; memories are unreliable and miss the meaty details which truly make a trip. Perhaps I’ll post photos from these trips instead. Look forward – if you want to, no pressure – to these articles being published soon.

Sneak peek from the Greece trip.

Sneak peek from the Greece trip.

In the interim between Venice and present day, I have returned back to the United States, graduated college, become employed, and gone on more trips around the world, albeit for shorter periods of time. In addition to all of the places mentioned here, I have also visited Oslo, Prague, Berlin, Nuremberg, Wurzburg, Bamberg, Siena (as well as various places in Tuscany), and Luxembourg. I have returned to Paris and Florence to find them just as wonderful (if not more so) the second time and had layovers in Reykjavik, Frankfurt, and Stockholm (places I vow to return to as well).

I'm a big kid now.

I’m a big kid now.

Next adventure: Edinburgh. In addition to pursuing my master’s degree in Book History and Material Culture (so excited, and more on that later), I will also be pursing flights to the Faroe Islands, London, Croatia, Copenhagen, maybe Albania, the South of France, and various places around Scotland.

What to expect from future posts: a lot of talk about packing lists, reading lists, general lists of anxieties, and the probability the pound will stay at $1.32.

Let’s freak out together.


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